• *受発注*HIDISC RF/EMCテスト用シールドフォレンジックポーチ HD SFP1621-S
  • *受発注*HIDISC RF/EMCテスト用シールドフォレンジックポーチ HD SFP1621-S

*受発注*HIDISC RF/EMCテスト用シールドフォレンジックポーチ HD SFP1621-S



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Wireless Technologies Test Pouch

Isolate Mobile Devices During OTA Tests

Complete your Mobile Device Test System for wireless protocol compliance with SFi’s Wireless Technologies Testing Pouch. The conductive bag enhances test equipment performance by attenuating mobile device signals that could interfere with results. The radio technologies testing pouch enhances performance-oriented testing to verify the network equipment meets operators’ need as well as ability to work in realworld conditions1.

Select Fabricators’ Wireless Technologies Test Pouch allows the test engineer full access to a mobile device through the RF shielded mesh window. This feature provides hands-on manipulation as well as visual inspection during the testing cycle. Location based services testing including E911 can be conducted due to the pouch’s ability to contain a device’s RF signal which prevents carrier network access. Test protocols that need carrier network access suppression include: VoLTE, MIMO, location based services, and E911.

SFi’s Wireless Technologies Testing Pouch efficiently helps to test LTE, UMTS, CDMA and EV-DO devices:
? Highly conductive pouch provides shielding of -80 db at 500 MHz to 6 GHz*
? 16”W x 21”L
? Double layer NovaSelect? silver/copper/nickel fabric
? Rollover closure with conductive hook and loop fastener
? Unique plate designed specifically for radio access test systems, includes
1. (1) USB 2.0 Coupler Filtered
2. (5) SMA Female Bulkhead
3. (1) 1000pf DB9 (DC Power - 100 volts / 5 amps)
? Window touch screen allows for mobile device manipulation within the flexible test box
i. Double layer mesh: 12”L x 16”W
ii. Flexible foam insert fixture
SFi’s Wireless Technologies Testing Pouch is compatible with LTE technology testing systems including Aeroflex, Agilent Technologies, Anite, Anritsu, Azimuth Systems, JDSU, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz and Spirent Communications.